Why ask for donations ?
Web hosting for the proper functioning of FreebordSpot has a cost.
To give you an idea, it's about 50€ per year.
As I do not wish to spoil the site with ads, make a donation is the best way for you to help FreebordSpot.

Where will the donations ?
Donations will be used exclusively to pay for web hosting.

Do I have to give ?
Absolutely not. No one is obliged to give anything.
Gives only if you have the means and desire (times are tough for everyone).

How is it going to give ?
Donations are securely via PayPal, so you get need to have an account with them.
To do so, simply click on the button below page and guided you.

How much should I give to support you ?
You give what you want.
That you want to pay me a 30ct coffee or a 2€ beer,you decides.

And what I get in return ?
Personalized thank my part (worth its weight in peanuts) and the satisfaction of having contributed to the maintenance of the site.

Thank You
Peace & Ride